Welcome Message

Ekeh, Hope B. Ph.D

Rector, Valley View Polytechnic

Few things impact life deeply as a dream realised. Fewer still evoke as much passion as getting to the summit. For many, it is exhilarating, almost intoxicating. Yet, for those who dare, even the summit is not good enough. True, life's richest laurels go to those who reach the summit. But those who dare to think beyond the narrow tip, getting to the summit means just like begining.

At that point where the oxygen thins out, the life's meagre provisions become non-existent when the choice is either to break or sink, very few dare to figure out a third option - SOAR. This is where the rubber hits the rocks and the extra-ordinary become awesome. VALLEY VIEW POLYTECHNIC IS AWESOME!!!.

Welcome to a fulfilling Polytechnic experience. Welcome to a unique lifestyle that will purposefully prepare you to a lifetime of real happiness and incredible dreams of fulfilment. The Student Handbook in your hand has been carefully prepared to help you familiarise yourself with our unique education and way of life endeavour. You will also find some guidelines that will help you achieve an excellent citizenship which will become the foundation for your future success.

We advise that you pay particulary attention to those areas that can easily throw you off course and stain your citizenship and academic records. It is far better to dare mighty things. To win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

The moment you resolve to take hold of life with all your might and make the most of yourself at any cost, to sacrifice all lesser ambitions to your one great aim, to cut loos from everything that interferes with this aim, to stand alone, firm in your purpose, whatever happens, you set in motion the divine inner forces the Creator has impnated in you for your own development. Live up to your positive resolve, work at what the Creator meant you to work for the perfecting of his plan, and you will be invisible. No power on earth can hold you back from success.

It is our dream and prayer, the real purpose of our existence, and it will be our special honor and priviledge to help you graduate in flying colors and give your life meaning.

May you have a ery successful student life, and become the very best ambassador of your Valley View Polytechnic