Welcome Message

Sakib Smith

Dean, School Of Engineering & Related Technology

Welcome to the power department of Valley View Polytechnic. With increasing demand of Electrical Engineers around the globe, the department is making its very best effort to teach, train and produce the best and capable engineers who are capable of taking up real world challenges. The program is designed to produce Electrical Engineering Technicians for the following industries; manufacturing, assembling; servicing, power generation, transmission distribution and utilization, telecommunications and other related industries.

The programme is also designed to produce computer technicians to install, maintain and repair computer hardware and its peripherals. Students are able to carry out routine maintenance on computers, design and map out layouts for computers, install, set up and operate computers, prepare simple bill of quantities and specifications for computers, select and use appropriate instruments to carry out simple tests and measurements on all subsystems in a computer and its peripherals.

The school consists of:

  • Electrical Electronics Department
  • Computer Engineering

The curriculum of the ND program consists of four main parts:

  • General studies/ Education
  • Foundation courses
  • Professional courses
  • Supervised Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

The program consists of four semesters of classroom, laboratory, field and workshop activities in and a semester of Students Work Experience Scheme.