About Us

About Us

In an effort to fully tap the potentials of the private sector in the area of education, the education(National Minimum Standards & Establishments of Institutions) Decree 1988 was amended in 1993 January.

To stisfy part of tthis requirement therefore, a well articulated proposal and academic plan was submitted for consideration and approval for the establishment of Valley View Polytechnic by National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

Our Motto

Exploring Our Faith

Our Philosophy

This, above all to thy own-self be true

Our Mission Statement

We believe in the creation of inspired lives produced by the miracle of hard work. So we work, plan, build and dream in that order and with God's help, we will find a way or make one. We move lives from survival to stability, from stabilty to success and from success to significance.

General Philosophy Goals & Objectives

The Valley View Polytechnic ethics is based upon the concept embraced within Shakespeare's immortal words from the advice given by Polonius to his son Leartes: "This above all, to thine own self be true." (Hamlet, Act 1 Scene III). Valley View Polytechnic represents a departure from the educational past; the introduction of the education future. A future based not on the abandonment, disregard or disrespect of the past, but a future that is in keeping with the world in which we live and the progress occassioned by the advent of superior educational system made possible by the internet and the rapid, almost explosive advance of compuer technology.

Valley View Polytechnic Primary purpose is to have our students achieve entrepreneurial, as well as professional academic goals in record time. Accordingly, we encourage our students to get outside professional helps and reference libraries. The learning functions throughout the teens and early adolescence requires mind jugging, mind weight lifting and mind sweat. The minds of our students therefore are thoroughly exercised in respect to practical, and the market placeneeds. Our educational programmes are designed to help the mind blossom, not stunt its growth. We speak to stimulate thought, not place road-blocks in thought's way.

In realizing the above broad philosophy, the focus of the Polytechnic will be training the students towards self employement and self reliance. In this regard therefore emphasis would be placed on the acquisition of entrepreneurial, financial education, practical skill, and industrial attachment as much as practicable. These will serve to motivate and gear graduates of the polytechnic towards self employement, self-dependence, self-actualization and lastly, fitting corporate employement.

Rather than student leaving school looking for a high paying jobs, students would leave looking for opportunities to create high paying jobs. rather than students leaving school wanting to be paid more for less work, students would leave school seeking opportunities to produce more to earn more. Rather than students leaving school looking for job securityor tenure, students would leave school able to create sustainable sources of revenue. rather than leaving school believing that the rich are greedy, students would leave school wanting to be the rich who are generous.